What to talk about at the Thanksgiving table.

I ran across a recent tweet that linked to an article on the Planned Parenthood site of New York City entitled, “Talking Turkey:  8 Easy Steps for Discussing Reproductive Health and Justice at the Holiday Table” (I’m not going to link to it and give them any link juice, you can Google the title and find the article quickly enough).  Basically the article gives the pro-abortion crowd a playlist and answers to common questions to help in their debate with their pro-life relatives.  I at first wanted to post an article debunking their arguments (not that difficult really), but after some reflection, I thought I’d rather post some suggestions on other things to talk about at the Thanksgiving table.

Meaningful topics for discussion.

  1. Give thanks.  Now here’s a novel idea, how about we give thanks!  God has provided us with so much.  We have our family, good food to eat, and the freedom in this country to worship as we wish.  Despite any hardship we may be facing at the time, let’s remember all that we do have.  We live in a country where even the poorest among us would be usually considered wealthy in other parts of the world.
  2. Remember.   Remember those that have gone on before us.  Remember those family members no longer with us and celebrate their lives and be thankful for the time we had with them.  Remember those that gave the ultimate sacrifice in defense of this country which gave us the ability to celebrate this holiday.  Remember and thank our parents for loving us enough to give us life.  If you have children, remember the choice you made to have them and look into their precious face and give thanks for that child that God has gave us.  And most importantly, remember the ultimate love that God displayed by sending his son to die for us.
  3. Enjoy.  Enjoy one another’s company. Despite any political or religious disagreements you may have, let’s not use this time to debate and argue, but let’s use this time to agree, that we are family and love one another.  Let’s laugh and have fun.  Enjoy the time we have been given.

There will always be debate on politics and religion.  There will always be a time for debate.  But unlike Planned Parenthood, I hope you look at Thanksgiving as a time to reflect, a time to give thanks, and a time to enjoy those you share the holiday with.

God bless and Happy Thanksgiving!

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