Power Thoughts – Winning the Battle of the Mind

Power Thoughts by Joyce Meyer
Power Thoughts by Joyce Meyer

Back in late 2010 and early 2011, I wrote a few posts here on this blog as I was reading through a book my wife had on the shelf, Power Thoughts: 12 Strategies to Win the Battle of the Mind by Joyce Meyer.  I remember it being quite a life-changing book for me back then.  As in most things, life goes in cycles and I feel life is cycling back to the point where refreshing myself on this book is worthwhile.  As I was perusing through the book again this morning, I recalled how powerful the ideas in this book and the scriptures that are pointed to truly are.  And I’ve realized how much I’ve forgotten or neglected to follow.

One of my favorite quotes from this  book actually comes from the introduction of this book.

Where the mind goes, the man follows.

How true that is.  Our thoughts are often self-fulfilling.   If we think we are a failure in some aspect of our lives, we often become one.  We believe we are not good at something so perhaps we don’t try hard enough or work hard enough at something.  When you can change that attitude the energy changes and you often succeed where you may have failed otherwise.

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Maybe I’ll post some more in this series of articles but I won’t promise anything, but I do recommend getting this book (Amazon link) and having your Bible handy as you read it through as there are plenty of Biblical references throughout.

I can say that after I read this book initially, I was winning the battle of the mind.  This book and the scripture involved helped me through some tough times….but as a lot of things, you have to keep strong and diligent in fighting that battle or old habits may sneak back into your life.  I’m finding that this is not just a book to read and forget, but one that you can reference back to over and over.


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