Day 23 – 23 Days of Thanksgiving – Happy Thanksgiving!

Well here we are, having traveled the road together for 23 days as we headed towards this day. This happy Thanksgiving Day! I wasn’t sure how this journey would be traveled as I started on this series, but I knew the destination. I knew that 23 days after I started, whether I wanted to or not, we would end up on Thanksgiving day. I could have written long posts or short posts, good ones or bad. Shoot I could have not written at all or I could have written 5 posts a day. No matter that path I took, I was going to end up on this day.

Our lives often take twists and turns, most unexpected, but no matter how many bumps in the road we hit, we know where are destination is since we’ve accepted Christ. We know where we are headed. We don’t know when we’ll get there, but we will some day.

Our journey through life will have tons of bumps, wrong turns, and probably a few accidents. However, the moment we accepted Christ, not only our destination was assured, but our path was laid out in front of us. We may still not follow that path exactly as God planned, but our destination is still certain. But along that path, God will keep us busy. It is not always a heads down race from start to finish. Along the way, we’ll meet people that need help, some of them may come along for the ride and we’ll reach the same destination. Others, perhaps we’re just comforting them for a moment and that ride will come along later. Still others, may walk away from our help and they are traveling on their path. No matter who we meet along the way or how diverted we get, our destination never changes.

So on this Thanksgiving, go and be with family and friends. Meet them along the path to your destination. Enjoy your travel, because when the trip is over. A God that loves us will be there to welcome us with open arms.

Oh and so as to stick with tradition. What am I thankful for? Well beyond being thankful for what God has done for me… here is what I’m thankful for in this world!



Happy Thanksgiving everyone!


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Christ follower, Husband and father to 4. Software developer by trade, football / baseball coach on the side. I also develop games in Unity and Monogame on the side as well as tools geared towards gamers.

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