We live in a exceptional world today.  The world economy is on the rocks, freedoms are being eroded, families are broken and faith seems to be a luxury that many of us struggle to hold onto.  How do we as Christians remain strong in our faith when we are struggling to survive from paycheck to paycheck.  Many of us our out of work or perhaps in financial trouble.  Perhaps our health isn’t what it should be.  We’ve all fallen into the trap of living for today and not thinking about eternity.

This blog is not about creating exceptional Christians, because we all fall short of the glory of God.  But this is my personal journey to live an exceptional life for Christ in times that are exceptionally difficult.  This is my journey through trials and triumphs, through sad times and happy moments, and through lean times and plentiful.  I’ll attempt to show how I can live triumphantly through Christ and create an exceptional life despite the enemies attempts to bring me down and lessen my joy.

Hopefully my struggles and victories will help you too, live exceptionally!

Update 11/16/2019: 

So I realized I never put a status update on here.  I’ve not abandoned this blog.  Despite not having posted on here for a while, it has been on my heart and mind so felt I’d give an update.  Having gone through some personal struggles over the last year or so as well as some other projects that have kept me busy, the blog here has just been not high on my priority list.  However, I plan on changing that soon.

I had posted here back in 2013 that I was planning on changing the name of this blog.  Well for various reasons, mainly because I felt led to keep it as Exceptional Christian, it will continue with that name.  Again NOT because I’m an exceptional christian, but because we serve an exceptional God in an exceptional world in exceptional times.    This blog has always been about my struggles and growth in being made more into the image of Jesus.  I am still far from that, but if you look at the entire history of posts on here, it’s amazing to see how far God has brought me.

Update 10/13/2013:

Been a while since I’ve done anything with this blog, but I feel the need to resurrect it so to speak.  I also feel the need to change the title from Exceptional Christian to Developing Christian (though the URL may stay the same until I figure the best options there).  I feel the new title reflects better the way I deal with life.  I’m continually developing as a Christian.  Sometimes it feels like I’m taking one step forward and ten backwards, but I think the term exceptional misleads the main goal of the site.

The goal has always been, not to show how I’m a exceptional Christian, because I’m far far from that, but to help display how despite our flaws, despite the world we live in, we can still strive to be better, strive live a life that brings glory to God, strive to live as an example to others…..in other words we are always growing, always developing……we are developing Christians.

4 thoughts on “About

  1. I like the use of the word EXCEPTIONAL…we serve an exceptional God who lives in us and in Him we have our being and Who, by His sanctifying grace, uses our flaws and weaknesses for our good (Rom8:28) and to His glory. You are an Exceptional Christian because you choose to live an exceptional life for Him, despite yourself. If you really want to change the name then at least call it Exceptional Living for Christ….”developing” doesn’t really ring my bells 😉 I look forward to reading your posts!!


    1. Thanks for the comments Lucille. I should really update this about page as I’ve been led over the last few months that the name needs to stay how it is, for many of the reasons you mentioned. Thank you for confirming that for me and I hope you enjoy this blog.


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