Newsboys United in Cleveland

Last night my wife and I, along with one of my sons and his girlfriend worshiped together with 10 thousand others as we  watched the Newsboys on their latest stop in our area.  While it was great fun and the atmosphere was what you might expect with great rock music and thousands of others, whatContinue reading “Newsboys United in Cleveland”

Remember the Future, Live Fearlessly

I borrowed this saying from church last night: Remember the future, live fearlessly. Easier said than done, but when we realize what our future is as Christians, we can truly can live fearlessly. We remember who’s world this is. It’s not ours. It’s not the governments. One bad news report can often make us fearContinue reading “Remember the Future, Live Fearlessly”

Secrets of the Vine

I finished the year reading a small book which has had a huge impact on me.  Secrets of the Vine by Bruce Wilkinson (author of the famous Prayer of Jabez) is a quick read with so much insight and truth.   I picked this up at a thrift store for fifty cents and it was probablyContinue reading “Secrets of the Vine”