“Occupy Charity” at Christmas (and all year)

One of my favorite modern Christmas stories occurred a few years back.  I attend a fairly large church that can average 3-5 thousand over 4 services on a weekend in a relatively affluent community.  Well as expected, Christmas eve was crowded.  At the end of the service our pastor told us a story and madeContinue reading ““Occupy Charity” at Christmas (and all year)”

What to talk about at the Thanksgiving table.

I ran across a recent tweet that linked to an article on the Planned Parenthood site of New York City entitled, “Talking Turkey:  8 Easy Steps for Discussing Reproductive Health and Justice at the Holiday Table” (I’m not going to link to it and give them any link juice, you can Google the title andContinue reading “What to talk about at the Thanksgiving table.”

Where Have I been?

Well, I’ve always heard from the blogging wizards that if you don’t post on your blog for an extended period, that when you come back, don’t bother posting the “Why I Haven’t Posted” post, because no one except maybe you’re mother really cares (Mom if you’re reading this, I know you care!).  This, despite theContinue reading “Where Have I been?”

God Tears a Man Down, Just to Lift Him Up

I recently had to make some difficult decisions, some pretty big, life-changing decisions. But first a little background. Ten years ago, I was unhappy at my current job. I was a software developer working for a smallish company. There was nothing really wrong with the company itself and the work I was doing was satisfyingContinue reading “God Tears a Man Down, Just to Lift Him Up”

Thoughts are Powerful

Previous posts in series: We Are What We Think The Power of Positive Thoughts   Thoughts are powerful.  Reflect and you will realize how much your mind and what you’re thinking will affect your entire life.  When thoughts are dark and gloomy, you tend to feel bad.  When your thoughts are happy and go lucky,Continue reading “Thoughts are Powerful”