Secrets of the Vine

I finished the year reading a small book which has had a huge impact on me.  Secrets of the Vine by Bruce Wilkinson (author of the famous Prayer of Jabez) is a quick read with so much insight and truth.   I picked this up at a thrift store for fifty cents and it was probablyContinue reading “Secrets of the Vine”

Thoughts are Powerful

Previous posts in series: We Are What We Think The Power of Positive Thoughts   Thoughts are powerful.  Reflect and you will realize how much your mind and what you’re thinking will affect your entire life.  When thoughts are dark and gloomy, you tend to feel bad.  When your thoughts are happy and go lucky,Continue reading “Thoughts are Powerful”

The Power of Positive Thoughts

This is my first post, other than the introduction, in my series reviewing and discussing the book Power Thoughts by Joyce Meyers.  The power of positive thoughts really is the main point of this entire book.  The power that positive thoughts releases in your life is truly incredible and can be seen even in smallContinue reading “The Power of Positive Thoughts”

We are what we think.

My wife recently purchased some books from Joyce Meyers.  One book caught my eye and as I sat down to flip through it, something about it grabbed me and I’ve been reading it ever since.  I struggle sometimes with the power of my own thoughts.  When some thought starts flitting through my mind, it tendsContinue reading “We are what we think.”