Power Thoughts – Winning the Battle of the Mind

Back in late 2010 and early 2011, I wrote a few posts here on this blog as I was reading through a book my wife had on the shelf, Power Thoughts: 12 Strategies to Win the Battle of the Mind by Joyce Meyer.  I remember it being quite a life-changing book for me back then.Continue reading “Power Thoughts – Winning the Battle of the Mind”

God Offers Comfort to All

All of us go through troubles of one sort or another.  Perhaps it’s financial, perhaps health, perhaps it’s a temptation that you struggle with….or perhaps a combination of all of those and many I’ve not mentioned.  We all have things that trouble us, that give us stress, that are not as we had planned.  OftenContinue reading “God Offers Comfort to All”

A new direction, a new outlook

It has been sometime since I’ve updated this site, it’s always been on my mind to do more with this, but it seems like life just gets in the way.  Isn’t that the truth with so many things we strive to accomplish.  We start off excited, full of vigor, ready to share with the worldContinue reading “A new direction, a new outlook”

Experiencing God

This post was originally posted on another blog that I wrote back in 2008 that I no longer maintain.  It was posted Christmas morning of 2008 and while it talks about the birth of Christ, the message in the post applies year round.  I stumbled across this once again and thought I would share. ExperienceContinue reading “Experiencing God”

What to talk about at the Thanksgiving table.

I ran across a recent tweet that linked to an article on the Planned Parenthood site of New York City entitled, “Talking Turkey:  8 Easy Steps for Discussing Reproductive Health and Justice at the Holiday Table” (I’m not going to link to it and give them any link juice, you can Google the title andContinue reading “What to talk about at the Thanksgiving table.”

God Tears a Man Down, Just to Lift Him Up

I recently had to make some difficult decisions, some pretty big, life-changing decisions. But first a little background. Ten years ago, I was unhappy at my current job. I was a software developer working for a smallish company. There was nothing really wrong with the company itself and the work I was doing was satisfyingContinue reading “God Tears a Man Down, Just to Lift Him Up”

Read the Instructions

This past Christmas morning I joined many fathers around the world as I struggled to remove my son’s toys from it’s wrappings, I glanced at the instructions thought “I can do this”, and then struggled to put it all together, finally resorting to reading the instructions more thoroughly to follow the steps to assemble theContinue reading “Read the Instructions”

Thoughts are Powerful

Previous posts in series: We Are What We Think The Power of Positive Thoughts   Thoughts are powerful.  Reflect and you will realize how much your mind and what you’re thinking will affect your entire life.  When thoughts are dark and gloomy, you tend to feel bad.  When your thoughts are happy and go lucky,Continue reading “Thoughts are Powerful”

The Power of Positive Thoughts

This is my first post, other than the introduction, in my series reviewing and discussing the book Power Thoughts by Joyce Meyers.  The power of positive thoughts really is the main point of this entire book.  The power that positive thoughts releases in your life is truly incredible and can be seen even in smallContinue reading “The Power of Positive Thoughts”