Why are you staring?

Reading through the first chapter of Acts I came across an interesting passage.   Jesus was asked right before he ascended to heaven on when he would free Israel.  Jesus replied that the Father sets those dates and they were not for us to know and then talks about the power of the Holy Spirit whichContinue reading “Why are you staring?”

Love the unloved

During my journey to find my purpose, to find what Jesus really means to me, I’ve been meandering somewhat without direction. I’ve come to some great revelations about the Bible, about God and about myself. But I’ve sat back wondering, am I getting any closer to what my goal was? Am I discovering what JesusContinue reading “Love the unloved”

What if He says Go?

So you’re a good Christian. You love God, believe that Jesus died for your sins. You attend church, read your Bible, pray regularly and volunteer at the homeless shelter. But there is still something not right. You’re happy with your job, you live in a comfortable home, you have plenty of money to live theContinue reading “What if He says Go?”