The People God Puts in Your Path

It was an interesting day today. I started my first bit of chemo today and I was obviously a bit nervous. Interestingly enough I happened to sit down across from another gentleman that was also there for chemo and he noticed my shirt which is one from my local high school. We got to talkingContinue reading “The People God Puts in Your Path”

Wandering down the road

So where does this lead me? Where is the road that I’m traveling take me? I’m not sure. This road I’m traveling, I’ve never been down before. I’ve seen other people travel it, but I’ve only watched from the sidelines. Never walked the road myself. But here I am, walking down the road I neverContinue reading “Wandering down the road”

It’s Who’s in the Fire with you that matters

Been going through a lot of tests, consultations, and prep for the treatment that is upcoming for me. Through all those meetings, my strive to live with No Fear is put to the test. Fear comes in waves, which then turns into depression, which then thankfully returns to resolve and fearlessness. But what (or shouldContinue reading “It’s Who’s in the Fire with you that matters”

Even in the Darkest of Hours

So today was one that I won’t soon forget. Today they confirmed my worse fears of cancer (yes the cat’s out of the bag now….sorry if this is the first you’ve heard about as I just couldn’t tell everyone yet). I begin the journey now to treatment. I’m a man of action, so give meContinue reading “Even in the Darkest of Hours”