What kind of Santa Claus do I want to be?

Christmas Eve is upon us. I have always felt drawn more to Christmas Eve than to Christmas day itself. When I was little, Christmas Eve was spent at my grandparents house so many memories of family, food, and of course a few gifts. We still celebrate Christmas Eve at my parents house and I loveContinue reading “What kind of Santa Claus do I want to be?”

Is there room for Jesus in your life?

What a busy time of year this is.  From Thanksgiving to Christmas, our lives our filled with activities.  Christmas parties, school activities and programs, shopping, football playoffs and the beginning of bowl season.  So much to do, it’s amazing that we can cram it all in before the end of the month and still comeContinue reading “Is there room for Jesus in your life?”

What does Christmas mean to you?

What does Christmas mean to you?  That’s a good question that is worthy of some time in thought these next few weeks.  We’ve just come off arguably the biggest shopping day of the year.  I admit, my wife and I did a little shopping on Friday.  No we didn’t shop at crazy hours and we didn’tContinue reading “What does Christmas mean to you?”

A Christmas Blessing

As I had my morning coffee this Christmas Eve, I was reading through some news sites and blogs and was amazed at what I saw, news about retailers sales figures this Christmas, the latest news about the A&E and Duck Dynasty controversy, Planned Parenthood releases a 12 days of contraception video (really???!).  I saw blogContinue reading “A Christmas Blessing”

Experiencing God

This post was originally posted on another blog that I wrote back in 2008 that I no longer maintain.  It was posted Christmas morning of 2008 and while it talks about the birth of Christ, the message in the post applies year round.  I stumbled across this once again and thought I would share. ExperienceContinue reading “Experiencing God”