Small Groups in This New Pandemic World

So by now, a large part of the country (if not the world) is in some sort of lock-down or stay-at-home order from their local government. One place that has been greatly impacted is your local church. Most have closed, on their own accord, to weekend gatherings. Smaller churches may have even shut their doorsContinue reading “Small Groups in This New Pandemic World”

Day 20 – 23 Days of Thanksgiving – Doing Life

I love our small group. We started off as a group of three couples with a total of 8 children a little over two years ago. While we are all in the same community, we go to different churches. Since then we’ve grown to 5 couples and 14 children of the regular attenders. We comeContinue reading “Day 20 – 23 Days of Thanksgiving – Doing Life”