A Trip Through Proverbs – #5 – Wisdom is calling to you

As I continue down this road in Proverbs, we are finishing up Chapter 1 with a personification of wisdom of someone shouting in the street.  This is used to help wisdom come alive for us. Wisdom shouts in the streets.  She cries out in the public square.  She calls out to the crowds along theContinue reading “A Trip Through Proverbs – #5 – Wisdom is calling to you”

A Trip Through Proverbs – #2 – Acquire Wisdom

We can all gain knowledge.  Especially in this day and age, knowledge is everywhere.  I can within minutes look up any topic and discover all the knowledge I’d want to know about it.  Wisdom however is scarce. Only fools despise wisdom….  – Proverbs 1:7 Wisdom is the ability to gain knowledge of what is trueContinue reading “A Trip Through Proverbs – #2 – Acquire Wisdom”

God Tears a Man Down, Just to Lift Him Up

I recently had to make some difficult decisions, some pretty big, life-changing decisions. But first a little background. Ten years ago, I was unhappy at my current job. I was a software developer working for a smallish company. There was nothing really wrong with the company itself and the work I was doing was satisfyingContinue reading “God Tears a Man Down, Just to Lift Him Up”

Read the Instructions

This past Christmas morning I joined many fathers around the world as I struggled to remove my son’s toys from it’s wrappings, I glanced at the instructions thought “I can do this”, and then struggled to put it all together, finally resorting to reading the instructions more thoroughly to follow the steps to assemble theContinue reading “Read the Instructions”