Who is Jason?

MeMom-DadNo this site is not about me, it’s about my relationship with Jesus Christ and my walk with him.  However, when I’m reading other’s blogs, I often like to learn a little about the author, where they come from, what makes them tick, what their passions are.  I can often understand where the author’s are coming from if I know a bit about their story.  I can often better understand the meaning of what they are writing if I know how it may fit in the context of their lives.   So here is my story.

lautzenheiser-siblingsMy name:  Jason Lautzenheiser.  Born in 1970 to two wonderful parents in northeast Ohio.  I was raised in a Christian home with a stay at home mom who cared, nurtured and loved us like no other I could imagine.  My father, a hard working self-employed auto mechanic who worked long hours, but always had a moment to throw a football with his son after a long days work.  I was the youngest of 5 and the only boy, so my sisters will tell  you that perhaps I was a bit spoiled because of that.

My awesome wife HollyI met the love of my life, Holly at age 18 and have been together ever since.  We married in 1992 and in 1995 we were blessed with our first son, Trey.  In 1998, our one and only daughter, Tela, came along and she was followed by two more sons Jaykob (2001) and Ethan (2005).   These kids have been the joy of my life and despite the stresses and trials that children bring to your life, I love them unconditionally.My four awesome kids

Like I said, I was raised in a Christian home so knew what it was all about and had heard all the stories.  It wasn’t until about 1999 that I began to feel God pulling me closer to him.  I had spent my teen and young adult years as a slightly rebellious person.  I was mostly good and fun loving, but knew that I was not going down the right path.  When my daughter was born, I felt God calling me to come back.  It didn’t happen over night.  I tend to be a very analytic and studious person so I had to convince myself all over again that what I was feeling was really God and not just a voice in my head.

Well God convinced me, sometimes with a gentle nudge, other times with a smack upside the head.  But I renewed my walk with Christ with vigor.  Being the sinful human I am, I’ve not walked the straight path ever since, I struggle at times with a lot of things, but I realize now that God is always with me and that my faith in Jesus Christ as my savior will see me through.  Thus, my purpose in starting this blog, which has started and stopped a few times over the last few years;  I want to share my struggles and my triumphs as it is very therapeutic to me to write stuff down, but I also hope that someone may gain hope or insight into their own lives through something I’ve written.

9 thoughts on “Who is Jason?

    1. Thanks Samson for the encouragement!. I want to believe there are many Christian software engineers and I do know a few in my network, but as in most professions, there is much work to be done in spreading the love of Christ!


  1. Thanks Jason For How God Is Using You As A Vessel To Accomplish The Good Work He Started In You I Am Lifted In My Spiritual Level In Reading Your Blogs.


  2. I appreciate your story Jason. Thanks for having courage to stand up for Christ. May we perhaps chat separately?


      1. I look forward to it. How do we do that while protecting email and phone numbers… I am the NPO executive director and agile consultant on Linked In as Tim Arthur.


  3. Dear Jason,
    You are blessed! I rejoiced when I red stories about how Jesus touched your life. I have something to share you upon your reply to this short message.


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