Always in His Prescence – Psalm 16:11

You will show me the way of life
granting me the joy of your presence
and the pleasures of living with you forever.
-Psalm 16:11

In the Old Testament, God lived in the Most Holy Place behind the inner curtain of the temple.  The penalty of entering without the prescribed preparation was death.  Aaron had to spend hours preparing to meet God.  (Read Leviticus 16).  Today the way to God has been opened to us through Christ.  When Jesus died, the curtain separating us from the Holy of Holies was turn and God no longer dwells there.  We can now approach him anywhere, anytime.   We should still be sure to prepare our hearts to meet with God, he is still Holy and we need to be aware of that.

Today we still often look for God to be there in those special places.   We enter a church service and feel God’s presence, because he is there.  We may feel Him present in other activities and be assured he is there.

But how often do we actively feel his presence in our every day lives?  Do you feel he is with us at work?  You should, he’s there.  Do you feel him when you’re out with your family for dinner?  He’s there.  Do you enjoy his company at a sporting event?  You can, because he’s there.

He’s with you always and is with you everywhere.  You don’t have to wait until you are at a “church” service or gathering of Christians to meet him.  You can do that anywhere at anytime, because Jesus Christ did the preparation for us and has made us able to come into the presence of God outside the steps prescribed in the Old Testament.

Do we really need to “seek” God’s presence out?  Perhaps all we need to do is acknowledge his constant presence with us.

Published by jasonlautzenheiser

Christ follower, Husband and father to 4. Software developer by trade, football / baseball coach on the side. I also develop games in Unity and Monogame on the side as well as tools geared towards gamers.

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