Newsboys United in Cleveland

Last night my wife and I, along with one of my sons and his girlfriend worshiped together with 10 thousand others as we  watched the Newsboys on their latest stop in our area.  While it was great fun and the atmosphere was what you might expect with great rock music and thousands of others, what really felt different was just the pure, untempered worship that was going on.  The singing, the dancing, the unhindered hands in the air worship was just incredible.  The love of God was felt so deeply that you just couldn’t help yourself.

I love that type of worship, and while I struggle at times to let myself go, at least in public, it’s one of those moments that you just can feel the presence of God along side with you as He loves it when we worship him.

I can’t say enough about the show and the band.  Here is a group of men, who love Christ and while they are celebrities in the Christian music scene, they truly seem to live out what they are singing about.

One of my favorite lines from lead singer Michael Tait was,

We aren’t called because we are talented, we are talented because we are called.

God called them to reach around the world with the good news through their music and gave them the musical talent to succeed.  We too are called to serve God in some way.  And God has provided us with the skills and talents to serve Him in that capacity.  I’m a software developer by trade and I feel I’m pretty decent at what I do.  God didn’t give me those skills just to earn a living, though that’s a nice side effect.  God gave me those talents to serve Him.

If you get the opportunity to see the Newsboys, I highly recommend it.



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Christ follower, Husband and father to 4. Software developer by trade, football / baseball coach on the side. I also develop games in Unity and Monogame on the side as well as tools geared towards gamers.

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